Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wilson's 4 month check-up

Today Wil had his 4 mo check-up and he is looking good and doing great! He was 24.5 in long (55%) 12 lbs (10%) and with a head size of 41.5 (50%). Because of his weight gain and the good amount of formula he is taking now, the Dr. said we can start him on solids. He had his first taste of Rice cereal (oh, so exciting) tonight and he did pretty well with it. The only trouble I had was not only dodging his hands, which wanted to hold the spoon, was dodging his feet. He found his feet yesterday and it seems like every chance he gets he tries to put his toes in his mouth! It will be better once we get the high chair out and put him in there for meals.

I'm adding a picture of Reagan and Wil napping together last week...too cute!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend in the Heat

We blew up Reagan's pool this weekend and then we had trouble trying to get her out of it! These are some pictures of her and Wilson chilling out in the heat of the day!

This is a picture of them that would have been really cute if it hadn't been for the humidity fogging up my lens :(