Sunday, November 8, 2009

Just Leafing Around

Reagan had so much fun last year playing in the leaves so we made sure to get some more pictures this year and Wil got his first chance to play in the leaves (made from our 1 pear tree and 2 burning bushes...isn't it sad most of our leaves are from bushes!). The first picture is Reagan in her "nest" we created from trimmings from 2 of our other bushes.Wil woke up from his nap in time to enjoy the great weather and to get in some pictures!

Happy Halloween

Some pictures of our little penguin and scary ghost...Before we left the house

At Hy-Vee
Downtown where we met up with Miles and Erika (and Shannon and Craig too)!

The aftermath

Homecoming Festivities

We have a great gathering of college friends for Homecoming this year (too bad I don't really have any pictures to prove it!). Took the kids to the parade then Reagan got lunch and a nap before Tailgating and game time! It was fun even though we lost to Texas (I think it was pretty obvious we would lose to them).

It was so cold for the parade...but not sure why Reagan looks a little like a pimp!

Here is Jess posing with Drew and Reagan!

Here is a picture of our food spread it was very good, but could have been more!

Katie Killion didn't make it to the game (neither did Wil) but she was still tuckered out!

Wil's First Tooth

It has been awhile since I have posted (again) but I have a picture of Wil's first tooth! He first showed his little pearly white (bottom right) on Friday Oct 9th and ever since then it has been getting bigger and bigger! He is on the verge of getting both of the top front teeth next!