Monday, June 20, 2011

UltraMax MaxTrax Duathlon

After running last year's 10K I was inspired to try an all new kind of race, and I convinced Jamie Killion to do it with me! It was the first time I have ever raced on a bike. The short course for the race was 1.5 mile run, 7.5 mile bike, 1.5 mile run. I think the goal for next year will be to improve upon the short course and to NOT try the long course (1.5 run, 15 bike, 3 crazy!).

My time for the overall race was 1:09:34, better than the 1:20 I was thinking. My splits were 13:12, 39:23, 15:57, and just 1:07 in transistions (there had to be some bright spot, right?). It was a fun time and a HARD race, but I am already looking forward to besting my times next year!

Kathleen's Baby Shower

We all treked up to Lee's Summit for Kathleen's baby shower. Alan and some of his besties made themselves scarce.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Baby Shower Cake Pops

I made some jungle themed cake pops for Kathleen's baby shower. I did lions, tigers and monkeys (oh, my! LOL) and I used both short and long sucker sticks. The all traveled safely in "the box" and only a few of them touched into the walls making small marks on them. The display I made was a diaper cake and it worked wonderfully!

More Tiger Gymnastics

Meeting Chef Duff

Thanks to another preschool parent I found out about Duff coming to Jesse Auditorium to be a guest judge for a cake contest and he also spoke about himself. It was a blast and Reagan and I went with Shannon for a great girls night out!

His dad went to MU so we actually talked to him on speaker phone during the evening!