Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh Duckie Boy!

Reagan Dress-up

I can't remember what we were playing the day Reagan got all dressed up...when/if it comes to me I will come back and edit this post. She got camera shy and was using her magic wand as a camera shield...she cracks me up!

Cute Cloth Bubble Butt

I am finally getting around to using the bumGenius diapers I got back in Dec! I just love that little bubble butt!

Wil's First Real Food Meal 1-10-10

Wil has been so interested in anything we are eating so I made some alphabet noodles with spaghetti sauce and decided to let Wil try some. After a few spoonfuls (one or two noodles at a time!) I decided to strip him down and let him get after it by himself. He did great and had a can also see he gets his eating technique by watching Reagan!


FINALLY Reagan got to do some sledding with Daddy. Reagan had a little trouble since the snow was so deep with staying on her feet :)
. .
They went down the back hill onto the school grounds and had a blast...the whole thing didn't last very long (luckily dinner time was coming to give a definite reason to come inside) but you got plenty cold! You both got to ride the hill by yourself a couple of times (which was probably equally appreciated by both Reagan and Daddy!)

New Year's Day

We got to go pick up the kids from Grandma and Papa's house in Jefferson City and spend time with the Hancocks (including Mary Jo's Aunt Carol and Uncle Dave). Wil got to have his first NYE sleepover and Reagan had a fun time with her "cousins". . . . . .


Reagan has been excited for snow since last winter when we were promised snow and it just never came (probably b/c we actually went out and bought a sled LOL). One day while Wil was taking his morning nap, Mom set out to shovel the driveway and Reagan got to play in the snow and build a castle (not enough snow for snowman)...she especially loved it when mommy added to the pile with the shovel! This is what remained of the castle after a few days melting.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2009: The Year in Posts

So I thought it would be nice to recap all the post titles we managed to make this year...not too many this time, but hopefully we will do a better job this year to make next year's recap even better! we go
The First Post Changes changes changes More exciting things to come A few of Reagan's favorite things First attempt to post video Rockin' Baby Countdown to Baby2 Less than a week to go! Today is our "not so" Due Date It's a boy! Already a week old and counting... 2 weeks old already! One Month Old Mover Easter Fun All smiles 2 months old Sleepy, Happy, Dopey... Singer Reagan Weekend in the Heat Wilson's 4 month check-up Long Time Baking Day Wil is 6 months old New Stuff Exciting Day Wil's First Tooth Homecoming Festivities Happy Halloween Just Leafing Around A Day of Thanksgiving Reagan's 4th birthday Snow White Party What a difference a day makes... More teething... Dec 12th 2009 - Wil's crawling! Gingerbread House Jess's Chirstmas Visit Christmas at the Hancock House Christmas at Great Grandma Creech's Christmas at Grandma and Papa's House Christmas with the Wilson's Christmas at Home - Finally

Christmas at Home - Finally

After all the whirlwind of traveling, family and presents we finally made it back home only to get some more present love from Santa :)

Christmas with the Wilson's

Just a couple pictures of Christmas at Aunt Marian and Uncle Jim's house with the Wilson side of the family.

Poor Kyle lost his bet with Shane on the MU vs IL game so he had to wear one of Shane's shirts for the day...what a great sport!

Christmas at Grandma and Papa's House

The kiddos went to bed so late and then had more presents from Santa when they woke up...there is a picture of the tree before (with 3 not-so-cooperative) cousins posing.

Christmas at Great Grandma Creech's

After spending Christmas eve day in Jeff City our travels took us to Hannibal to visit and open
presents in Hannibal Christmas eve night. Both kiddos slept in the car, but Reagan waited until we were 10 mins outside of Hannibal to actually fall asleep!

Christmas at the Hancock House

Here are a couple of pictures from Reagan and her cousins (minus Olivia) to Wil in his new Tonka truck.

Also our traditional girl and boy family pictures!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jess's Chirstmas Visit

Jess was able to stop by a for a short visit while she was on vacation for Christmas! Reagan and Wil loved seeing her and giving and getting presents, although they didn't seem to cooperate for pictures, but here are the cream of the crop (I just love the one with the laughter!)!

Gingerbread House

We picked up a gingerbread house kit from Wal-Mart to decorate. Reagan had fun while Wil watched and Mommy learned a few things about how much icing needs to be used...and not used. We also had a minor collapse of the ceiling panels with candies falling to the insides, but we got that fixed and got it finished.
Luckily it looks better in pictures than in reality! Here are front and rear pictures (notice the 2 pc snowman laying down...I just couldn't get the icing to dry with it standing up...if you are wondering he has 2 green eyes LOL).

Dec 12th 2009 - Wil's crawling!

This was the day of the annual Hancock baking so MJ took the kids to Grandma and Papa's house in Jeff City to be with the cousins and decorate a bunch of yummies! I guess the influence of being around all those older kids inspired Wil, b/c shortly after we got home he was crawling around! I wonder if his lack of nap had him really running on pure energy. Here is a video of him crawling (and one of Reagan from her first shuffles).