Team Shane Roster

Team Shane began Sept 21st 2002 at St. Joseph's Cathedral in Jefferson City MO.  Since that time there have been many laughs and twists and turns in this thing called life.  We have loved every minute of becoming parents and hope the blessings in our life don't stop anytime soon.

The founding member of Team Shane.  Shane is a Civil Engineer and a big MU Tiger's fan.  How can you not love the Tigers, right?  He enjoys watching or listening to Tiger sports (of any kind).  He also loves the St. Louis Cardinals and all things baseball.  Between the collection of Cardinals and Tiger gear in our basement, there almost isn't any room for the rest of us in there.

Mrs. Shane Creech (aka Mary Jo) happily joined Team Shane as a freshman in college, but not officially until "the big day", September 21, 2002.  She loved being an engineer, but just didn't like the nature of her work and was all too happy to become a full time mommy.  She loves to scrapbook and do crafy things although her ideas are greater than her ability (or time constraints).  She also loves all things kitchen, especially cake pops, and playing with her children and being around family and friends.

Reagan was the first addition to Team Shane. She was born on Wed Nov 23rd 2005 after a long pregnancy and long laboring process out she came. She has been charming everyone she meets ever since. She is a happy first grader at Ridgeway elementary school and a Daisy scout (which Mommy helps with).  She always has a positive attitude and faith in the good ness of others.
Wilson Steven Creech was the second Team Shane expansion.  He was born on Feb 28th 2009 and unlike his sister he was only 1 day late...just so excited to join the gang, I guess!  He is our little flirt and he just loves to do whatever Reagan does.  He sure knows how to flash his smile and bat his eyes (with amazing eyelashes) to charm anyone he meets.  He is loving going to Southwest Playschool on Tues/Thurs.  He loves all things Cars 1 and Cars 2, loves to do football plays with Dad around the living room and he has the most amazing giggle.
Jackson Lewis Creech is the final addition to Team Shane.  He joined the team on June 12, 2012 since his Mommy is a numbers girl and thought a nice 6-12-12 birthday would easy to remember and be pretty cool.  He has already won over big sis and big bro and he is going to keep us all on our toes.  By just 5 months he was working on an army crawl and is already crawling with belly up (when he isn't in a hurry) and pulling up to try to stand on anything that will not give under his pulling pressure.  We are still waiting for teeth and first words, but all in due time, I guess!