Monday, February 4, 2013

The Honest Company

I received my shipment from The Honest Comanpany last week and it was too cute to not share!  If you are thinking "I have never heard of them" join the club.  I got introduced to them by the Krazy Coupon Ladies (  who posted about a special free (except for shipping) trial that they offered for their baby products.  I didn't know what kind of products they had so I decided to stop by the site and take a look ( and I was very pleasantly surprised.  Actress Jessica Alba and her partner, toxic free children advocate, Christopher Gavigan have started a company to provide diapers, wipes, cleaners, health and beauty products that are safe and non toxic, but also eco friendly and sustainable...oh yeah and cute too...I guess that comes with having a Hollywood celebrity mom on board!
As many of you know I am a huge advocate for cloth diapers to do away with unneeded trash from our ever-over-crowded landfills and to also do away with a lot of chemicals (some of them very disturbing) being wrapped around my babies' butts 24x7.  I admit I have been worse with Jackson than I was with Wilson and from time to time I wasn't so great with him either.  I really need to get back to using them, since after all they are just prepaid diapers sitting around waiting to be used more often!

I wanted to share some pictures of the samples I received from The Honest Company just to show you how cute they really are!

I received 7 sample diapers and a packet of 10 wipes.  I love the designs on the diapers and I love knowing that I could get these as a disposable alternative to my cloth ones!  This is the boy set for patterns and they are really great... yellow/grey plaid, leaves/limbs, skull and crossbones, dinosaurs, 2 sailors, and 1 white diaper.  They have a great nursery function online where you can customize which prints you want/don't want to have delivered.  The size 3 diaper pack comes with 36 diapers for $13.95 or $0.39/diaper.  They also have monthly bundles which for size 3 include 216 diapers and 280 wipes for $79.95 or $0.37/diaper is you count the wipes as free or taking away the cost of wipes ($4.95/pack with 4 packs included) it would be $0.28/diaper.  I buy Huggies from Sam's and get 192 for $38.98 or just over $0.20/diaper, but if I get them at Walmart, I get 31 for $9.47 or $0.31/diaper.  Now, I usually have coupons to help if I shop at Walmart, but if I didn't you can see that it isn't too much higher to get these than to shop at WM and even less if you did the bundle deal.
Now if I shop only at Sam's (and I try for this!) it is quite a bit more to get the Honest diapers, but what a trade off to know that I can get bleach and chemical free disposable diapers from a company that is organic and carbon neutral!  So wonderful, and I wish I had know of these before now.  Hopefully as the company grows they might offer products in stores/boutiques so that they don't have to be delivery only.

I also received samples of 5 of the cleaning/health products.  I got the shampoo/body wash, laundry detergent, healing balm, hand soap, face/body lotion.  I am curious about how this laundry detergent might work with cloth diapers.  And I am happy to see that they offer sunscreen that is natural!

I think I have written enough today, but as I try these products out you can believe I will post again.  I was just so pleased to see this company with everything they stand for making products with great integrity.  It has really jump started me back to using my cloth and I have diapers in the wash as we speak!