Toddler Tips

The older my kids get the wiser I am getting, so I have decided to create this page with some helpful tips I have some to figure out.  Hopefully you will read what I have learned and be able to use it as well, or be able to offer me some good advice as well.  With that said here goes!

Great Books
I couldn't have done anything without a few great book suggestions and discoveries.  If you haven't read or seen these books you should at the very least look for thema t the library and give them a read!

The Happiest Baby on the Block - Dr. Harvey Karp
Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child - Dr Marc Weissbluth
Everything you should know about... (Baby, Toddler...)

Tip #1:  Beware of going to a special place the first time you ever do something different...for example the first time you go to a pool or the dentist office, don't follow this up with a trip to McDs or a park.  Trust me from experience, unless you plan on doing this every time you will save yourself future heartache to not do the first time.

Tip #2:  Give your child a countdown for any big change of activity...for example, when playing at the library and you are getting ready to leave, let your kiddos know they have 5 mins to keep playing, 2 mins to play and then 1 min to clean up before heading to the next thing.  I have found that giving a good warning will keep from having a tantrum.

Tip #3:  Start early and often with your kids to take responsibility and help out around the house.  Both of my kids love to help unload the dishwasher (yes even my 20 month old!) and push the broom around the wood floor.  They may not be perfect in thier skills, but learning to help out early is a great way to keep you kids excited about helping.

Tip #4:  Kids love to be independent!  Find little ways to allow your toddler to do things him/herself.  It is so importatnt to help them feel the sense of accomplishment of doing something themself.  One great trick passed down from my mom has been to put your winter coat on by yourself.  My not-quite-two year old can do something that some preschoolers still can't do!  Here's the "trick" (as my daughter likes to call it)... Place your open jacket on the floor with the inside up and the hood at your feet.  Bend over and place your arms in the holes and as you stand up swing your arms over your head and the coat will follow down onto your body.  It may take a few times to get it right (and hats should be put on after) but learning to do this alone is a great boost for your kid...not to mention a help to any future caregivers of your kids!