Saturday, February 21, 2009

Less than a week to go!

Well we are down to less than week to our official due date, but we still have 9 days until the c-section is planned. I guess only time will tell which one the baby will choose. We had another tiger victory today to celebrate so that was good, but we also had to put Reagan to bed early since she didn't want to take a nap today. I guess that is an acceptable thing when we are both free before 8:00 and she is sound asleep. Plus today she used the potty all day and had no accidents. I knew when she asked to go potty first thing this morning out of bed (with a dry pull-up) that it would be a good day :)
We are hoping to post an updated picture of the belly and the paper chain to show the progress we have been making...and maybe we will show off our new haircuts. Mommy and Reagan went to Great Clips and both had our hair cut...she was a big girl and was good for the lady that cut her hair without having mommy right there with her!