Monday, December 20, 2010

The Turkey Cake Pops

I was inspired again by Bakerella ( to make turkey cake pops for Reagan to take to class for her birthday snack time. It was a long process, but it was worth it to see the kids eat them up. Here is a sampling (these went much better than the apples and pumpkins I had done the last time)...I used chocolate almond bark, stick pretzels, pretzel M&Ms, and candy corns to complete the look.

Reagan's 5th Birthday Party - Nov 21st

Reagan enjoyed a fun time at her party, which had a Little People theme. Wil wanted to help out with unwrapping and wanted to be right in the action, but because he couldn't be you can see that he was upset and hiding as close to us as possible.

Her favorite gift was the bike she got. We had someone ring the doorbell and made her go to answer it and find the bike on the porch. The weather was really nice and she was able to go for a ride at the school! She even made use of her new water bottle when she took a couple of breaks.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Annual Leaf Pile

We raked up our leaves again this year to get some good pictures of the kids playing and having fun, only to have Reagan not wanting to look at the camera or take off her hat, and Wil not wanting to get in the leaves - unless we buried the baseball in there. It was not the picturesqe moment like last year, but the kids still had a great time and that is what matters!

Won't last long...

A peaceful moment (without any hair pulling) where the kiddos are watching morning cartoons together!

Reagan - Dead to the World

I caught Reagan in a hard core nap and just had to get a picture...cracks me up how she is laying!

October 31st

After our Friday trick or treating downtown we got to go to Hy-vee on Sunday to start the real thing. We went around in the store and then made our way home to eat something and then head out in the neighborhood. We had Wil in the stroller for the evening, but he enjoyed getting out of the stroller and making his way to the door himself. He didn't quite say trick or treat, but if you asked him how a tiger goes, he would say (silently) Raaorh...too cute!

Monday, December 6, 2010


When we go trick or treating downtown the kids have a fun time but there are always lots of people making it hard to get in and out of stores. After we had our fun we went to IHOP with the Schroeder family for some free scary pancakes for the kids!

Halloween Party at SWPS

Reagan's preschool (Southwest Playschool) had a great Halloween party for the kids to dress up. There were princesses, cats, dinosaurs, witches, a transformer, Marios, a bride and others in attendance :)

My cute kiddos

Reagan and Wil were all curled up in the chaise chair reading books to one another. It was a fun site to behold :)


So maybe I just made up the word awesomest, but I don't care. This MU vs OU game was the best one I have ever witnessed at faurot field...and I have had season tickets for about 15 years!
So exciting, but I have become too old to be one to rush the field, but it was exciting to watch it happen too!

MU Homecoming (GAMEDAY!!!!!!)

So our Homecoming game this year against Oklahoma ranked for us to have Gameday come to Columbia. I know this post is a bit behind the times, but I thought I would post some of the fun we had and some of the great signs we saw while there!