Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Never a dull moment

So...tonight while I was just moments away from getting the burritos/enchiladas into the oven, Wilson came out of the bathroom (again... and again) and he said his belly was still hurting.  He even started to cry a bit about it.  He had been having what I took to be gas pains all afternoon and his tears made me wonder if it might actually be something horrible like appendicitis and I tried to locate where on his stomach the pain was and I was feeling around and his lower abdomen felt really tight and I pushed just the smallest amount and out came the vomit.  Poor little guy puked 2 big times :(  Reagan was right there and her only response was "hey, you got my foot".  She cracks me up!
She was a big helper and got him a change of clothes and then I got Jackson, who was crying like crazy all this time trapped in the exersaucer, into his chair so he could eat.  Reagan fed him so I could deal with helping Wil get changed and get the floor cleaned up and get dinner in the oven (although not really in that order LOL).  Jackson not only got feed (without a bib), but he also got to be a nakey baby later once his messy clothes had to be changed.  He sure didn't seem any worse for wear while pulling up on the couch later.

I'm happy to report that since that one instance he hasn't gotten sick, yet, and he hasn't been complaining of belly aches.  We will have to see what the night holds for us!